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30 · Century · Man

Drifter, Tilter, Electrician...

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"Threadbare little earth!"
Threadbare little brain seems more apt these days...HotDocs...UK Theatrical...Tribeca...the Two Ragged Soldiers, myself and producer Mia (and of course Hero of the War Julio) working around the clock to make the magic happen for you, and you and you - and, oh, by the by the by:

thank you
and you, and yeah, you too. amazing audiences at every turn. it is so gratifying to see people lining up (or stampeding as in Berlin) to get a lethal dose of SCOTT.

We continue to come through.

("We came through"..."Still coming through"...???? hmmm....the connection just hit me this very second...anyone else?)

PLEASE come to the sure to be amazing pre-screening show at Knitting Factory - David Driver is an absolute gem. all the details as always at www.scottwalkerfilm.com

yours always...

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(I'm looking for a good cowboy)




[Lemon Bloody Cola....

we're off on a film festival Driftathon. I anticipate a solid month of jetlag.

(foreign morsels of air)

ignored this space completely between the end of the edit and the beginning of THIS. Berlin

was heaving, hungry, electric. packed screenings - and Momus! and I met Lauren Bacall (and John Waters).

Good omens I say.

Get thee to: www.scottwalkerfilm.com for the full scoop, the real deal (when/where/why)

and buy tee-shirts while you're at it. TEE SHIRTS for pete's sake. really hip tees. just imagine scott is on tour and this is the shirt. and support your friendly neighborhood rock doc in the process.

with an arm across the TORSO....)
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a vanishing style of mind. another virtual missive from the cinematic cypher that is/will be/is becoming

"Scott Walker: 30 Century Man"

best to go visit the website, for this will be more of an outpost. "like with shaving down all the tracks..."

today's oblique strategy was: "take a break"

not that oblique, but strategic. good call.

today's editorial dictate: take the 'sunset strip' footage and redo it, screw it up, jazz it up, better faster more...

question: should the embodiment of 'the voice of clara' appear near the end? thoughts?

(take a break)

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